Why is it necessary to enter patient payments in Medisoft?

As a medical biller or coder you really need to make sure that you are entering patient payments in your Medisoft practice management system.  The reason for this is to make sure that the total amount due has been received and that the money have been collected from all parties. That means you will need…

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This battle seems to have been going on for ages.  Most can’t decide if EMR and EHR are actually one in the same or actually different.  One thing for sure is that over the years they definitely have been used interchangeably.  However, like we discover with a lot of other things in life, just because…

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Medisoft – Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Computer Mate, Inc. offers Medisoft practice management system as a SaaS option. For many of you software as a service is a completely new term or something you have heard of but not really sure what it is exactly even though some have used it in the past.  Whether you are completely new or just…

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