Save Time and Make More

Medisoft v21 comes with a new improved features to help with daily functions in billing and with the revenue cycle. This helps streamline your office saving money and increasing revenue.

Dr. Gary Kabinoff
As a true technophobe the transition to electronic medical records and integration of electronic prescribing and billing would have been a true paralysis for my practice. Computer Mate made this transition seamless, efficient, an painless . I am able to sleep well at night knowing they are monitoring the systems and are always there should a problem arise. They have our practices recommendations without any reservations.
  • Dr. Gary S. Kabinoff, MDPA
  • Primary Care/Internal Medicine
Search Feature for Finding ICD-10 Codes

When it comes to getting help with medical coding the option for Encoder Pro with v21 is a great choice. Whether you are search for ICD-10 codes of trying to cross code ICD9 to ICD-10 this will give you all the help you need.

Tabatha Toombs Office Manager Barba Dermatology
I have been working with Computer Mate for several years. The company is very professional, personable, and always gets the job done. I can always count on Daniel and Marie for my computer needs. If ever I have a problem it is solved almost immediately, and Daniel always makes sure of this. I would 100% recommend Computer Mate to anyone.
BillFlash Built-in Compatibility

Tired of printing, folding and stuffing statements and having to mail them? With the latest upgrade in Medisoft you can let BillFlash electronic statement functionality do the work for you. Put your statements on a monthly cycle and help make your office more efficient.

Dr. Carlos Barbosa, MD testimonial
We have had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his team for over 3 years. They have supported our pediatric office with Medisoft PM system, IT/ network and VOIP Phone services; they were great support in the transition of moving to our new office. They are very diligent, outstanding work ethic, accessible and problem solving oriented.
  • Dr. Carlos O. Barbosa, MD
  • Pediatrics Care Plus